Space Ace!

Somewhere, on a distant planet, a space marine laments getting up late and being left with the shopping bag of spacesuits...

  I based the artwork on a design from 1993's Aliens: Colonial Marines comics.  Cody colored it, and all is once again well in the universe.

- Sam 4/27/2018

Check out this fun practice piece we worked up recently.  I started out sketching a hobo-superhero, and Cody colored it into something awesome.

- Sam 4/23/2018

We're back at it!  If you like what you see, let us know.  I did the illustration (line) work and Cody did the coloring.

Sam Garland and Cody Hagman collaborate to bring a new page of awesomeness each week.  Sam creates the line work and Cody creates the colors.

Sometimes I feel bad when I see how awesome Cody's colors are.  Bad, because I realize it must take forever to work with all that little detail I get carried away noodlin' in the drawing once I get a technical pen in my hand.  Cody works hard and it shows.

The fun continues, and I think I'm ready to start exploring this mysterious "city" and maybe find out where everyone else is...


Moving forward. Although there is more to our heroine's trek between the last image and this one, I felt compelled to get to that "city" last seen off in the distance and start to see what the heck is going on.

This one took me a while to get right.  There's lots of detail and the balance of the foreground subjects was hard to get just right.

Once again, Cody hits it home with the colors.  When composing this one, I had (in the sketching/thumbnail phase) set the gal in the foreground far to the left.  I wanted her elbow partially cut off by the edge of the frame.  When creating illustrations, though, you never draw what you want viewed right up to the edge of the paper.  Instead, you set that viewable edge inside the paper and draw past it.  That creates more than a little extra work for both Cody and I, but it's necessary to get a consistent piece.  Now, with the colors finished, I have cropped the piece to my original design, but I’m not sure if I like the result.  Maybe the full piece is better? 

One of the reasons Cody and I wanted to do this project is to have an excuse to just do whatever we want, artistically.  Working on a comic book usually means deadlines and limitations to what you’re going to be drawing.  I have these ideas in my head I want to see realized, but often they’re fragments of a story or just one image.  So, with Garman Hagland, we’re only dedicated to producing the best art we can.  If a set of images seem to be telling a story and then suddenly changes up, don’t be alarmed.  You didn’t miss an image; we just changed up our focus for a bit.
Case in point, this week’s piece should (chronologically) have come before the previous one.  In this one (above), our subject is taking a look out over the rough, Martian terrain she’s getting ready to descend on.

Above is the finished collaborative work. I think we really started out with a great first page.  Cody really nailed the colors. There's no doubt that we're on Mars, and he really delivered on the falling stars reflected in our subject's helmet.

- Sam
Here is the line work from the first page of the Garman Hagland collaborative.  Sam Garland has drawn a space suited astronaut venturing out of the surface of Mars, only to be surprised by "falling stars".
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